Financial Wellness Programs

What Are Financial Wellness Programs?

Financial wellness programs aim to reduce financial stress of your employees through empowerment, letting them take ownership of their finances and the choices they make around their finances. It combines financial education and coaching to reduce your employees’ financial stress through empowerment. This means letting employees take ownership of their finances and the choices they make around money. This isn’t coaching presented as therapy but rather it involves financial and product development, with you as the product.

Initiating Financial Wellness Programs

The initial analysis and mindset sessions take place as a group coaching session. This encourages sharing experiences and thoughts on money matters. After the group coaching session, individual sessions are set up with participants to assist them in confidently finalising their financial plan. Follow-up support sessions are available to provide support for employees in the implementation of their financial goals. We take a realistic approach and understand this is not a one-size-fits-all or a once-off approach.

Benefits Of Implementing Financial Wellness Programs

Through this beneficial process, you can expect a confident and self-assured workforce of empowered employees. They will be equipped with well-designed financial plans to support their financial journeys. More benefits of this options include feeling valued by the company, which will increase morale and productivity because happy team members are notoriously productive workers.

We teach employees the skill to optimise their earnings and understand their company payslip.

BENEFITS of participating in financial wellness programs:

  • Feeling valued by organisation
  • Value own salary
  • Increased productivity


  • Over a 6 month period we set personalised goals and design a SMART action plan
  • Monthly accountability sessions keep focus on achieving goals and provide support
  • Coach in the Corner is utilised to record sessions online and track progress.


The 6 month program can be extended to 12 months for employees with a need to repay debt, focus on optimising investments and retirement planning.

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