Finance Coaching

Through analysis of your financial situation, the individual is guided to design a financial plan and budget to reach the personal desired financial situation.

I love being a leader in finance, it allows me to coach and mentor, to reach out to people and share my experiences. Being a finance leader is so much more than just balancing the books, it is about touching lives!

It is my dream to see everyone flourish. Individuals should be able to make informed financial decisions and clever choices regarding money matters. Ultimately living in financial peace.

What Is Finance Coaching?

Finance coaching guides the individual to achieve financial peace. Understand what it means to build wealth. Not a get rich quick scheme, but a deep understanding of your needs vs. wants as well as money mindset.
Start running your personal finances like a business. Showing profits and managing expectations of all stakeholders involved. Empower yourself to make informed decisions on your personal finances.

The Finance Coaching Process

At the beginning of the coaching journey, a full financial analysis is completed which is used as base for the coaching journey. Spending habits are identified and used in the coaching plan to design corrective actions. There are 2 strategies applied, reduced outflow and increased inflow. After the initial analysis session, engagement typically lasts 3 – 6 months, depending on the needs of the coachee. Each session lasts 30 minutes and is captured online to monitor progress and to provide liability.

What Are The Expected Finance Coaching Outcomes?

A well-designed, sustainable and realistic financial plan to support your financial dream. This process is also designed to improve your mindset on money matters. The outcome we strive towards is flourishing finances that grow, and an intentionally planned environment created to support your financial dream.


  • Living expenses
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Debt
  • FUN
  • NB: No financial advise will be supplied. Only analysis and goal setting.


  • Money mindset
  • Money blocks
  • Personal values
  • Habits and behaviours
  • Money management systems
  • Financial goals

Our Finance Coaching Programs Available

3 Month Program

  • 3 sessions including scoping

6 Month Program

  • 6 sessions, including scoping
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