During a recent financial wellness coaching program, I had the opportunity to interact and engage with 40 individuals – each from different backgrounds, earning levels, ages, and cultures and varying degrees of personal finance education. For some, the financial wellness coaching session was the first time that they had ever openly discussed their beliefs and practices around their finances.

There is often a perceived societal stigma surrounding the discussion of finances in any capacity other than business. We are told that discussing money and finances is crass and that they are an inherently private affair, and to a certain extent this is true. Your financial situation is absolutely your business and no one else’s, however that does not mean that you need to suffer in silence either.

In tough economic climates such as South Africa’s currently, it is easy to find yourself in a negative or precarious financial situation, which can lead to feelings of shame and guilt. Money is also one of the greatest external stressors and is a leading cause of anxiety and depression depending on the situation. Our understandable reluctance to discuss personal money matters with others means that we are unable to learn from others’ experiences.
At Flourish Business and Finance Coaching we specialise in educating and equipping your employees with the necessary tools to firstly come to grips their personal finances, and secondly, how to make sound educated decisions regarding them. It can be daunting trying to tackle financial issues such as debt management, budgeting and provident or pension fund planning on your own, or without the necessary understanding or support – which is where our Financial Wellness Programs come in.

Our Financial Wellness Programs are aimed at empowering employees to take control of their finances and ultimately reduces the financial strain that they may be experiencing – as this has a tendency to impact other aspects of their lives, including work. The Financial Wellness Program takes place in both group and individual sessions either over a six or 12 month period depending on the company and employee requirements. By the end of the program, the employees will be instilled with a sense of confidence in their newfound abilities to manage their finances

At Flourish Business and Finance Coaching, we believe that a company’s financial investment in their employees should extend beyond just a paycheck as there is a direct correlation between how valued an employee feels by their organisation, and the quality of their work as well as their productivity levels. An investment in your employees’ future financial security and wellbeing is undoubtedly an investment in your company too.

For further information on our Financial Wellness Programs, or for a quotation, please contact us at hermien@flourish.joburg