Business Coaching – Business Coach In Johannesburg

Are you looking to boost your team’s morale and strengthen your business strategy? Do you want your business to grow exponentially from the inside out? Or maybe you’re stuck in a rut; a bottomless hole of business blues? Well it’s a good thing you’ve come here – you’re in exactly the right place. By consciously looking for a solution, you’ve already taken your first step towards greater success. At Flourish, we’ll dig you out of a hole and plant sustainable seeds for better business practice.

Flourish Business Coaching aims to help you flourish in every sense of the word. We understand that effective business coaching can have a profound impact on not only the lives of your teammates, but on your entire company. We use a bespoke approach in our coaching practice and view every client relationship as a partnership between two dedicated parties. Together, we will strive vigorously to create a congenial environment conducive to the success you desire. We will identify goals and develop effective strategies to reach and exceed those goals.

Our main priority at Flourish is to guide you gracefully through turbulent changes in your life and to see your business grow lucratively. Through intentional action, coaching will identify which areas of your business approach need development by identifying your weaknesses and converting them into strengths. There is always room for business growth because the world and the consumers in it are constantly changing. Businesses are bombarded with ever-changing technology, faced with new customer needs, tasked with continually satisfying current customers and employees, or gaining a loyal customer and employee base if you’re just starting out. Whether we’re helping a new business grow or revitalising an old business, we always bring a fresh and unique approach to our strategy. Our role is to not only help you overcome immediate challenges, but to find clarity and greater purpose. Essentially, we sow seeds of success for the future.

Never settle for any level of success. There is always more room for growth.” – Edmond Mbiaka


Business coaching is a process where a coach works closely with a business owner to clarify goals, deal with potential stumbling blocks and to improve overall performance. During the process, a coach regularly meets with a business owner to achieve their business goals. Coaching focuses on the future by looking at the current situation and designing actions to ensure the vision is achieved. At Flourish Business Coaching, we guide business owners to design and implement ways to create a conducive physical work environment. Our approach is effective because we understand that a crucial element for success is to identify a business’s mission and vision and to interrogate it’s immediate and long-term goals.

As business coaches, we are committed to helping people become better versions of themselves by creating a space for them to solve problems and accomplish goals by breaking them down. As a business leader, you have the power drive your own success. A business coach is not meant to stand in as a consultant advising you on how to achieve success, but rather we become your accountability partner that supports you and holds you accountable to ensure your targets are met.


Strategic Partner: A business coach is an unbiased observer who never judges but instead highlights and brings certain aspects to your attention.

Thinking Partner: A business coach will help you think through pressing topics in your business allowing you to take decisive action with positive results.

Leadership Development: A business coach assists you in gaining valuable knowledge and tools to help you develop a competitive, business skill set.

Work-Life Balance: A business coach facilitates the importance of a healthy lifestyle ensuring you to effectively lead your business to flourish.

Finance Partner: A business coach allows you direct access to an experienced finance professional to guide you on your business finances.

Business coaching is especially effective in addressing three areas:

Problem solving
Developing and achieving long-term goals
Improving performance